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Meet Guildford Clairborn:

A lot has happened in these past seven years… Oh! Hello there, I’m Guildford Clairborn, pleasure to meet you. Please don’t mistake my silence for rudeness. I was just reminiscing. Are you here to join? No? Join what you say? Have you not heard of the Odd Fellows’ club? Oh please allow me a few moments to inform you of the Odd Fellows’ lodge number 80.

It was on June 28th, 1842 when the Odd Fellows met for the first time at Henry Marin’s home located at 353 Locust. We started out small, like any group does. Grand Master Brown delivered our charter to the original six charter members.It was at this meeting that we also elected our first officers. I could stand here and list off all of the names and their official titles but that could take awhile. It took sometime but eventually we organized ourselves well and on January 24th 1843 we opened our lodge room to the Public.

About that same time the next year it was decided that we should seek a more considerable space for the lodge and the vast number of members it had acquired. At a meeting it was discussed where to relocate and soon enough we resolved to move to the 3rd floor of J.F. Houston’s house. It took awhile to get all of the official documents in order. In May of that same year we sent our application to the grand lodge to gain permission to move to a new location. Soon enough all would fall into place and the Odd Fellows would sign the lease on July 8th 1844 the lease was signed and two weeks later, the lodge members would parade to the new hall in uniform.

Of course with change, comes more change. Five years later in July the officers would meet and decree that they would invest $1,000 in stock towards building a new hall provided that and I quote “First, that so much of said building as may be occupied by the Order, be forever set apart, and appropriated for the use of Odd Fellowship; second, that the upper story be set apart for the use of the Order, and third, that the plan of building, and estimate of cost thereof be laid before the Lodge.”

It would take some searching and discussion to find the right location, for the right price. Soon the officers would need to decide between two lots. We could either build at 2nd and Locust or 2nd and walnut. It was soon enough resolved the hall would be built at 2nd and Locust. I myself, was on the building committee charged with the task of erecting the hall. In the end it was decided to build the structure 4 stories high and we, the building committee were given the budget of $8,000 to complete the task.

Like I said in the beginning a lot has happened in these past seven years. If you’ll excuse me I think I will take a few more moments to reminisce. If you like hearing long winded stories continue on to Zeamer’s. Harry is quite proud of his establishment. 

240 Locust St, Columbia, PA 17512

In 1800, P. S. Brugh had two pharmacies, one at 156 Locust Street and another at 256 Locust Street, the former being managed by Luther J. Schroeder for several years. Later, Mr. Brugh, after closing his store at 256 Locust Street opened another at 240 Locust Street, while continuing his Front Street business. When Columbia businesses began to move uptown, he discontinued the Front Street store. In 1893, the store at 240 Locust Street was sold to Harry W. Zeamer, who enlarged the store, putting in the longest soda fountain bar in Lancaster County and stocking the first Victrola and records ever offered by Columbia stores. 

In 1923, Mr. Harry W. Zeamer’s cousin, Harry C. Zeamer purchased the pharmacy and, after operating it for six years at 240 Locust Street, moved to 315 Locust street until 1934 before discontinuing the business. 

Today, what was once Zeamer’s Pharmacy is now B&T Sportswear.

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